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The inspiration for House of Beads collections originates from a combination of colors and natural objects found in and around us that are chosen for shape, color, and design.

House of Beads presents four collections chosen for character of design and color: Simple Chic, Classic Ethnic, Bold Statement and Vintage Glamour.

Simple Chic

This charming design originates from a unique combination of small light stones in pastels or bright colors befitting a summer color combination. This jewelry is perfect for daily use and casual occasions.

Classic Ethnic

Classic Ethnic, with its combination of bold colors and large pendants, either long or short, designed from a unique mix of exquisite small and large stones in a variety of vibrant colors is suitable for

Indonesian traditional dress, such as modern/classic kebaya, batik and tenun ikat along with the many rich clothing traditions of the archipelago. You can choose from red, blue, brown and green, along with bronze, metallic silver, rustic silver and copper bronze.

Bold Statement

Bold Statement, with its engaging simplicity of large and small stones with rustic shapes and one tone bold colors is ideal for any season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).

Vintage Glamour

Vintage Glamour, carefully designed from medium size stones or pearls, is delicate simplicity in motion combined with long or short sparkling shapes. This graceful design is ideal for afternoon or evening.